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In this clip from , I meet Canadian mural and canvas . We talk about how submitting his artwork to local galleries got him a mural project in another country.

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How did you end up getting the mural and you ended up getting it in Brooklyn of all places?

I took a little time…

On the podcast, I met Keysha Monique Mabra an artist who makes collages. I’ve always wanted to make collages but can never make them look right so I asked her what her process is to create them.

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When you made those then how did you continue? You picked up the newspapers and you were inspired by the words and then how did it progress from there?

Oh, well I…

Sophia Voelker of tells me about combining art and storytelling and even the stories of people that view it on Tom Ray’s Art Podcast — Sophia Voelker: Painter and mixed media artist

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Sophia tells me:

Making a little career for myself on the side, but…

, one of the artists involved with the Madison Mural on Monroe St. I asked him about how the project got started and what was the inspiration for the design.

How did this mural get started?

It started with invitation. He had that arranged with [the…

On an , I was talking with about how he has joined the ranks of a group of creators that make bootleg action figures. So I thought I would take the opportunity to ask him:

“Why is there a bootleg action figure market?”

John Sanford is an animator from California who has made cartoons working for Warner Bros. Animation, Walt Disney Television Animation, DreamWorks Animation & Pixar. And during that time he created a webcomic called Chippy and Loopus. As we talk on Facebook messenger he tells me he decided he wanted to try and turn his webcomic into a tv show!

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Originally published at on September 15, 2019.

I recently posted about how . And Vicki Liu, an artist that I follow on Instagram reached out to me and did one of the nicest things ever. She painted a portrait of our dog and gave it to me.

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➜ You can visit Vicki’s website and check out her work at

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Here is a picture of the painting she did of Spike. 😭

Margaret Dent is another person who contacted me from the . Margaret is an artist in Canada who creates several things, including jewelry and portraits.

But her favorite type of portraits to work on are of animals, especially horses.

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➜ You can visit Margaret’s website and check out her work at

Originally published at on September 1, 2019.

Tim Togstad is an artist here in Madison who I actually met right outside of the train car that I’m renting that I’m trying to turn into my own business. He was loading in his paintings into the place next door. So I walked over to introduce myself.

His artwork is a style of abstract expressionism, using biomorphic forms with a liberal use of color. He creates paintings and drawings, sculpture and woodworking.

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➜ Visit Tim’s website

Originally published at on August 25, 2019.

Tom Ray

Host of Tom Ray’s Art Podcast and singer/songwriter for Lorenzo’s Music

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